Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hujan yang melanda ibarat satu fenomena terhebat!!

orang selalu kata hujan itu rahmat..benar kata-kata mereka itu...malah saya akui itu..sebenarnya tujuan untuk bicara mengenai hujan bukanlah hujan air lorh..hahaha..ini HUJAN band!! walaupun semua org mempunyai artis kesukaan mereka sendiri..tapi saya suka saya suka..mereka mempunyai karekter dan muzik yang menarik..bila berbicara ttg mereka, mesti xada geng..huhu ;(  tapi nak habaq mai pasal depa cikit..hehe <utara mari =P>

Hujan started out with the humbling beginning of performing at underground gigs around Malaysia since its inception in 2005, Hujan considered itself as the ultimate alternative band that enjoy singing in the Malay language. In 2008, Hujan began its embarkation in the mainstream popular culture when two of its singles, "Pagi Yang Gelap" and "Bila Aku Sudah Tiada" received massive airplay and numerous requests at the mainstream radio stations, thus exposing its talent to general Malaysians. At the same time, Hujan started to tour the United Kingdom thanks to the demands by Malaysian students who were studying at the aforementioned country. For the record, Hujan is the only band in Malaysia to have released 8 popular singles in a year! More than 100, 000 fans followed them over at MySpace, while their recorded performances uploaded at the infamous YouTube website have received more than 2 million viewers…and counting. So far, Hujan had successfully won 2 trophies at our very own AIM Awards, for Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song for "Bila Aku Sudah Tiada".
Now after 2 EP, 2 full albums and a live collection, Hujan returns with its latest offering, Lonely Soldier Boy. Compared to its predecessor, Mencari Konklusi that only contained 7 tracks, Lonely Soldier Boy doubled-up the number songs to 14 tracks especially for its die-hard supporters who proudly called themselves Raingers. Hujan still maintains its long-time affair to alternative music, but this time the members incorporate some experimentation with other genres as well. p/s taken from =)

my one and only favorite band, HUJAN

persembahan ketika di ajl26..tercalon untuk lagu mencari konklusi..terbaik!!


 antara ahli kumpulan Hujan :

noh salleh as the vocalist and the songwriter for hujan 
ag coco as the guitarist

 the day of shooting video clip for music "muda"..p/s ala muzik yg korg dengar bila jenguk kt blog saya =)

Mencari Konklusi cover album

 hari pelancaran album Lonely Soldier Boy di times square..

Lonely Soldier Boy cover album
akhir kata..saya suka hujan..hahahaha ;D

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