Thursday, May 28, 2015

A simple reminder for all

Assalamua'laikum wbt...

When I woke up this morning, I keep thinking why is it the theft issue rise during this final exam?

Surely it is because of financial issue..but what are the reasons behind there?

To the thief..
Is it bcoz of studying fee you did this? Or is it becoz you are trying to collect money for ticket to go home? 

My brother/sister...
Please..if you did it to pay the studying fees, here are humble suggestions that I can give to you.
Make a formal letter explaining your financial problem and send it to the IIUM financial office. In shaa Allah they will consider about your problem..and financial staff, please aid them..if you did not trust them, ask them to meet you face to face. But from my own experience, the financial officers are easy to deal with. Whatever it is, find the halal way to solve ur financial problem. Please dont settle your problem by making another problem(reminder to myself also).

If you did this bcoz you want to collect money and buy ticket to go home, here my humble suggestion to you. Please ask help from the people around you. Share your problem with friends around you. In shaa Allah, He will aids you. Could you image, if just one of us give you rm10… if 50 of us? If 100..? Its already enaugh for you to buy your flight ticket (lets say). And others, please dont misuse this idea.

Dear bro/sis...
I dont see you as criminal..not all people see something from the same perspective..and if you tell us that u have financial problem and ask for help, we would not see you as problematic person. Please change your perception about this. We are family..a lot of friends and staff here are willing to aid our own family my friends..the matter is you do it in the halal way.

I am not writing this for sermon. I write this becoz I want you to change. I can feel the pain burden of facing financial was a few years back when I was stdying Architecture. It is really an expensive course as you need to buy a lot of expensive tools and materials for your project. Its really an extend it was a time that I even dont have any money to buy food, whts more to buy studying materials nor ticket to go back home. It was really tough know, I went to the office and met with a lecturer. I asked him, how can I get money? (I was thinking if there any job for me, or whtever way tht I can do-in right way of course to get money.) And the lecturer himself without taking more than a few minutes, he gave me his money. He gave it without asking me to do any job..he gave his own money that Alhamdulillah can support me more than a week. May Allah bless him..I will remember his kindness till I die in shaa Allah.. I really cant forget that.

You know, I never told this to my parents..bcoz I dnt want to burden them with my problems..coz me myself I know my family's was really hard time my brother/sister..but please, do ur best, find the halal way to solve your problem. Please..we are living in a Muslim family..dont worry, there are a lot of people here willing to aid you...

Trust in Allah, He has said, "in every hardship there must be ease, in every hardship there must be ease.".

Please..Allah never lie to us..and He always be with us. Find the halal way (reminder to myself also) to solve your problem. You know, there must be reasons why Allah chose us to live in here..He puts us in an Islamic university..He is the one that planned it for us..not bcoz of our own hands..and dnt u ever think tht Allah chose us bcoz He loves us? He Himself put us in a living surrounding that really aids us to be closer to Him. Dnt spoil the good plan that He has made for us.

Last but not least..please..find the best halal way to solve ur financial problem. Do not bring ur selves into another problem in solving it. I really hope Allah forgives you..and the victims forgive you..please my brother/sister settle this problem in the right way.

Btw all the best in the final exam..may Allah gives His hidayah to all of us. 

((To keyboard warriors; pls do not give any negative comment..remember, what goes around comes around. DO NOT MAKE FOOLS OF OTHERS. I dnt need any negative comments tht can demolish people's motivation to change. Remember, all of us has our on sins..and it MIGHT BE, our ownselves are worse than a thief in the eyes of Allah! I write this specially for them.. Thank you for ur understanding and respect)) 
Jazakumullahu khair... Assalamua'laikum.

cc: Swan Red (IIUMONLINE's Member)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

New life begins! :)

*fuhhhhh...uhuk uhuk..batuk pulak..wahahaha

sekarang ni makin sibuk semua budak-budak UIAM terutama new intake 2011/2012 sem2 mcm aku! haha..maklumlah kehidupan baru kat tempat baru..setakat ini ok,Alhamdulillah walaupun kaki aku sakit gila gara-gara tekanan pada kaki..yela uia ni berbukit bagai...tangga omakk aii tinggi betul..nk pergi tmpt lain pun nak tangga..aiseh..

cuma agak panas dgn sistem uia yg tak berapa cekap..ingatkan dah masuk maincamp da ok tp sama mcm cfs dulu..huhuhu *menangis mengenangkan nasib! maleh nak cerita la..haha..

ingatkan aku je frust..ramai kot yg sama mcm aku.. status aku kat facebook pun lbh kurang sama mcm depa ni..
huhu geng!! ni antara komen2 mereka :

* credit to all my friends..btw,sorry ambik gitu je..hahaha maaf maaf maaf..

Tapi uia taklah teruk mana pun.. it still can be the place where we can seek knowledge for now and hereafter.. It just the management that need to be improved.. I still love UIAM.. It's the garden of knowledge and virtue.

p/s: malam ni jgn lupa tgk astro arena *kalau tak silap la..terengganu bakal bertemu kelantan dalam Liga Super..peteh ganu peteh! hehehehe